Two Ways to Sell

Traditional Model

Your club purchases calendars and sells directly to customers. 

eCommerce Model

Green Capes hosts a dedicated website for your Lions club for customers to order from.

“What a great way to boost our activities account without selling tickets for hours! The calendars are such an easy sell – year one we sold 100, year two we sold 200!”

Janet Marrison

LFC Ontario Director and PDG District A-3

How the Traditional Model works

If tried-and-true works for you.

You Order Calendars and Pay Nothing Upfront

Green Capes sells the calendars to Lions Clubs for $10 each – shipping is free.  The minimum order size is 25 and the maximum is 200.  Orders are based on increments of 25 calendars, ie 25, 50, 75 etc.  Place your initial order on this website no later than June 30th to be entered into a draw The winner will receive a $200 credit on your invoice.  Orders can be placed at any time; however, fulfillment is subject to available inventory.

You Pay 50% When Calendars are Ready to Ship

When the calendars are ready to ship, we will email an invoice requesting payment for 50% of the order.  Payment must be received prior to shipment.  Green Capes accepts payment by e-transfer (preferred) or cheque.

We Ship the Calendars in Late August

You will receive an email notice from Canada Post with the tracking number of the shipment.

You Sell the Calendars

Plan how your club will sell the calendars – potential opportunities include family and friends, members’ workplaces, fall fairs, Christmas markets, sporting venues, local retailers.  Be sure to check out the Sales Tools section of this website for promotional material in digital format (e.g. sales posters, social media posts).

You Submit Payment

Your final payment is due by December 15.

Return Policy

Should you wish to return calendars for a full refund, the following conditions apply:

  • Contact Green Capes by December 1, indicating the number to be returned.
  • A maximum of 25 calendars can be returned (must be in original, saleable condition).
  • Return calendars to Green Capes no later than December 10.
  • Green Capes does not cover shipping costs of returns.

How the eCommerce model works

Looking for a easy way to sell online?  We have that covered for you

You Supply Your Club Info

We ask you to share a brief write-up with 2-3 photos about who you are, what you do, and what your fundraising supports in the community.  We also need to know your selling price and your target goal for total calendars sold.

Based on calendars of comparable quality, we recommend a price of $20 each.  Green Capes retains $10 per calendar and your club will receive the remaining proceeds.  Remember Green Capes donates our earnings to Lions Foundation of Canada Dog Guides.

We Build & Host Your Club’s eCommerce Page

We will combine your club’s information with an online order form for this years Green Capes Puppy Calendar.  Beautiful photos from the past calendars plus a short section on Dog Guides complete the webpage. Click image to view sample page.

Prior to final publication, you will review and approve your webpage.  Your key contact will also be provided with a user ID and password to view the sales report for your club at any time.

You Market the Calendars to Your Customers

Now you have a webpage, how do you get the word out? Download our templates for emails, social media posts, and posters – available here on our website. Copy – paste – send!

Your Customer Buys Calendars Online

Orders must be placed no later than November 15.  When the customer enters their order, the system collects their contact information and payment.  Credit cards and e-transfers are accepted – transactions are encrypted and processed through Stripe, the same payment processor used by Amazon and Google.  We do not store or have access to credit card numbers used.  A confirmation email is automatically sent to the customer. It’s as easy as that!

We Ship All Calendars Sold and A Cheque to Your Club

Starting November 16, we will package the total number of calendars ordered and ship via Canada Post to your key contact for delivery by the beginning of December.  Your key contact will receive the tracking number by email from Canada Post.

Note:  Your club must sell a minimum of 25 calendars.  If you sell less through your eCommerce website, Green Capes will still ship and charge based on the minimum of 25 @$10 each.   Eg: if your club sells 15 calendars online you have a credit of $300. Green Capes will ship 25 calendars and keep $250 from your sales.  The extra 10 calendars should be easy to sell once you have them in hand, or use them as prizes or giveaways.

The shipment will also include an envelope with the list of individual customer orders AND a cheque or e-transfer for your club’s proceeds, i.e.  Total # of Calendars x (Your Selling Price less $10).  An e-transfer is preferred.

Your Club Distributes the Calendars to Your Customers

Time to spread smiles and good cheer with the arrival of the Green Capes Dog Guide Puppy Calendar.  There are many ways to get the calendars to your customers, such as:  hand out to members to distribute to their family and friends; ask a local business to be a central pick-up location; hop in the car for a road trip!

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