Sales Tips


The biggest thing to remember is to ask for the sale – lots of people will be happy to talk but unless you specifically ask for the sale many will move on.  It can be a bit tricky as no one wants to sound “salesy” but its amazing how many people will be happy to buy if you just ask.

We have found this four step process easy to remember.

Tip #1: Say Hello: Make eye contact, smile, and say hi

Eye contact connects us with other people and fosters increased feelings of empathy. If you’re talking to one person or a group of people make sure that you make eye contact with everyone as it draws them in and makes everyone feel included.

Tip #2: Explain Why you are here

Tell your buyers about the triple win – they get a calendar to keep or give and all the profits go to help others –  some will be donated to the Lions Foundation of Dog Guides Canada and the rest used to (tell them about your projects).  All but about $3 of their purchase price will help someone in need ($3 is our cost to print and distribute).

Tip #3: Look at through the calendars

Ask the buyer what month their birthday is and show case to them what puppy picture is on their month.  Show them the pictures and remind them that every picture is a future service dog.   Ask “would you be willing to support us and get a calendar today”. (use your own words of course)

Tip #4: Leave with a thanks

Always leave with a thanks, even if they are not interest in buying a calendar. Even if you don’t make a sale, they now know who you are and what you do, and who knows, maybe next year they will buy a calendar or they will refer someone else who might be interested in buying one.  


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